British Cattery Directories

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Welcome to our website is one of a small network of directory websites, created by a small group of people who love cats (and dogs) and who also happen to build websites for a living. One of our designers owns a family-run kennels and cattery and pointed out that there weren't any websites offering decent listings and information on catteries or kennels.

We decided to create such a resource.

We plan to introduce several new cattery directories each month until we've covered all of Britain. The work is being done on a voluntary basis, so it'll probably take a little time before we finish! At the same time, but not due for launch until the summer, we're also developing a nationwide kennels directory.

Directory contents

Each cattery directory will include the details of every boarding cattery which we are aware of within the area covered by the directory, provided the cattery also has a website to provide customer information. After all, if you're looking for a cattery online, you're looking for information...!

In addition, each directory will include listings for all local veterinary clinics which provide services for cats and which also have websites to provide information about their services and location. In common with this website, each directory will include articles and information on cat care and other things which we think will be of interest to you. We are also considering adding a ratings and comments facility to each directory, though we first need to find a way to guard against fake or malicious comments and ratings.

Cattery and Kennels owners

Our cattery directories were created partly with a view to helping kennels and cattery owners, most of whom are running a small family business. There are very few cost-effective ways to promote a cattery or kennels online. Our intention is to make our directories the first stop for anybody considering using a kennels or cattery. Every cattery or kennels listed will be listed totally free and visitors will be able to visit your website or contact you directly, without being bombarded by thousands of adverts.

To be included in a directory, a cattery must comply with two simple requirements: Firstly, it must be located in the area covered by the directory. We don't want Kent catteries in the Essex directory, for example. Secondly, your cattery must have its own website to provide visitors with information and, ideally, a way to contact you. Sorry but no; a page on facebook doesn't count.

If you have a cattery, visit the directory for your area. We're not perfect but we think our directories contain at least 95% of all catteries in the area they cover. If you're not included and you comply with our simple rules, it's just an oversight. Go to the "register your cattery" page and fill it in with the relevant details. Click 'send' and we'll gladly add your cattery to our directories just as soon as we can.

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Don't have a website?

Even though the average kennels or cattery is family-run, we know that the vast majority have a website. However, if you're one of the few who don't, it's time you got started! A simple professionally-created website truly doesn't need to be big, complicated or expensive. Click 'contact us' at the top of the page to get in touch with us by email and request a quote. These days, most people search for information on the internet, not in a phone book, which means that not having a website can be the expensive choice.

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