Cat Health and Welfare

Looking after your cat

It doesn't matter how much you know about cats, they'll still manage to baffle you from time to time; and not only with their behaviour. Of course, if you're thinking of getting your first cat, you have a whole world of discoveries ahead of you. So, we decided to add this little information section (which we will develop over time) with information which might be useful.

We have brought together a small collection of downloadable and printable pdf information leaflets produced and published by experts in animal care. Some deal with general cat ownership issues, others with the prevention of illnesses and parasites, while others explain why you should have your cat fully vaccinated and what diseases vaccinations can protect against.


Contributions to the cat care section are always welcomed from professionals working in the fields of cat care and health. If you have helpful advice that you'd like to pass on to cat owners, please get in touch with us and we'll gladly look at publishing it for you.

Mrs Miggins or Cat Care Experts?

To avoid confusion, absolutely none of the information comes from Mrs Miggins who lives just down the road and is an expert on cat care on account of her sister owning one during the 1960's. Rather than drain that particular pool of wisdom, we decided to rely on information produced by bodies such as the RSPCA and other cat-related specialists. Still, if anybody has any unanswered questions, we will happily pass you Mrs Miggins's neighbour's son's email address and he can pass on any messages you may have. She'll probably reply.

All the brochures are provided in downloadable and printable PDF format.

RSPCA Cat Factfile

RSPCA Cat Factfile - RSPCA

Titled 'How to take care of your cat' this RSPCA booklet covers many aspects of cat care and ownership, including diet, behaviour and health.

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