Welcome to British Catteries

The British Catteries Group aims to provide an independent cattery directory for every part of the UK in the next 12 months or so. We intend to introduce between 2 and 5 regional or county directories a month, each of which will provide full and free listings of catteries within the region or county they cover. We will provide directories for all the major counties, but we will probably merge smaller counties together, depending on how many catteries are in the region.

All catteries are listed free of charge

We don't charge catteries to be included in our directory, so we have no reason to treat one cattery any differently to the next. Catteries can't pay to be listed in our directories, or displayed before everybody else. Any licensed cattery which also has a website to provide visitor information can be and will be added to the relevant local cattery directory.

Veterinary Services

It's a simple fact of life that cat owners, like all pet owners, will eventually require the services of a veterinary clinic sooner or later, even if only to handle annual vaccinations and boosters. For that reason we decided to include local veterinary surgery listings in our cattery directories. We hope visitors find this helpful.

Cat Care

There is a considerable amount of information available online in relation to cat care, but finding what you want can sometimes involve hours of searching. For that reason we decided to create a library of catcare information, articles and advice, all of which comes from reputable sources (not Mrs Miggins who lives down the road and thinks she might have heard someone mention it on the bus). We plan to add a regular advice section featuring advice from catcare and veterinary experts, but for now we'll start with an information library!

Cat Photos

Cats can be incredibly photogenic creatures, aside from getting up to all sorts of tricks whenever there's a camera about, so during the summer we'll be adding a photo gallery to which all cat owners can upload their favourite snaps. We are also considering a video gallery, but this is unlikely to be introduced until the end of the year.

And other things...

We've been thinking hard about what additional cat-related services we should include in our directories. We will be looking at ways that we can support national cat or animal charities, probably towards the end of the summer, and would love to hear any ideas representatives of these charities might have. In terms of commercial services, we debated adding cat-sitter services, pet-taxi services and one or two others, but we're not totally convinced it is a worthwhile idea. Let us know if you disagree.

Ultimately, this website and all our directories exist to provide a useful service to cat owners and, consequently, to cattery owners. We welcome any opinions you may have, and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions that you think would help improve our websites. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Boarding Cattery Listings

Boarding Cattery Listings

Cat Care Advice

Cat Care Advice

Veterinary Clinic Listings

Veterinary Clinic Listings

British Catteries

About us

We're a small group of people who, as cat and dog owners, became fed up with the mass of poor quality information online in relation to catteries and kennels. We found lots of silly 'directories' which contained nothing more than 2 or 3 paid-for listings sat alongside a dozens of adverts for garbage, or listings for catteries and kennels which had ceased trading years previously.

So, free from silly adverts and featuring every cattery within each region which has joined the modern world and got a website, British Catteries exists to provide cat owners with a useful service. We hope you find it helpful.

Independent Cattery Listings

We don't charge catteries to feature in our cattery directories, nor can anybody pay to be featured more prominently or in areas other than the one they are based in. Every qualifying cattery within a region is featured and listed according to their postcode.

If you have a cattery which has not been featured in the local cattery directory for your area, please submit your details for registration. Provided your cattery has a website to provide visitors with information, we will add it to the relevant directory as soon as we are able. It's that simple.

Cattery Registration

We try our best to ensure we find and include every qualifying cattery within each region, but it's always possible that we've missed one or two. So, if you have a cattery which also has its own website to provide information about your cattery, services and location to visitors, but haven't been included in the cattery directory for your area, please register!

Registration is free. Go to the registration page in the relevant cattery directory website and send us your details. Provided you comply with our simple requirements we will add your cattery to the listings as soon as we are able.

Advertising on our websites

The British Catteries websites exist happily without advertising; we don't require advertising to exist. Therefore, we have decided only to include advertising which we feel adds value to our websites and to our visitors.

If you have a business in a sector directly connected to cats and you wish to advertise on one or all of our websites, we would be happy to hear from you. As we are not sales people, we will only consider advertising proposals which include details of what you would like to do, over what term and for what price. In short, we are happy to cooperate but we don't want to get involved with selling.

Future Plans

Creating a full set of cattery directories for the UK will take all of 2013, unless we're mistaken. Several are already online and the first 10 directories should be fully completed by the end of May. Others are in progress.

Once the bulk of our directories are online they will be gradually developed. A ratings system is currently under consideration, as is the possibility of allowing catteries to add videos to their cattery listings. A cat photo gallery is planned, with visitor submissions and commenting, and possibly a video gallery. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

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