Cat Chat – About Cats

If you’ve ever ‘owned’ a cat, you’ll know only too well how wonderfully frustrating and independent our little furry friends can be. Whether they are purring lap-cats or world-class hunter-killers, cats never cease to amaze and confuse their ‘owners’ in equal measures.

Given how often we receive emails asking us for advice on a huge range of issues relating to cats, their health and behaviour, we decided to add our ‘Cat Chat’ section. It’s actually divided into two sections, one consisting of a collection of useful articles about cat welfare, most of which will be very useful if you’re new to cat ‘ownership’, and also a blog section where everybody can contribute.

Cat Chat Blog

We decided to add a type of blog section where cat owners can post their own observations, pictures, videos and stories. So, if you have something you’d like to say, a story you’d like to tell other cat owners, then please feel free to submit it to us for publication.

Publish your story!

We won’t be making the blog section public until we have a decent number of contributions, enough stories to make it worth visiting, so we’re waiting for you to get writing! If you’d like to submit a story, we only ask a couple of things: Firstly, that you write at least 200 words – enough to make it interesting and that you add a photo to go with the post. We haven’t decided what it will be, but we’ll offer a small prize at the end of the year for the best story.

Professional Contributions

If you are a professional in the field of cat care, cat welfare or similar and you’d like to contribute on a more regular basis, please get in touch with us by clicking the button below and tell us a little about yourself and how you’d like to contribute.

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