Vet Registration

Registering a Veterinary Practice

Please Read First

Registering a veterinary practice is simple, but it helps to have things prepared in advance: You need a written description of your practice of at least 150 words (ideally 300-500 words) which must not be text copied from your website – otherwise Google will treat your listing as a duplicate page and ignore it!

When you submit your registration you will be taken to the Paypal website to pay the £7.50 subscription fee. After payment has been completed Paypal will send you back to this site, at which point your registration will be saved and submitted for approval. After we receive your registration we check it and add a Google Map and a screenshot of your website to your listing before putting it online – this may take 12-24 hours.

Multiple Branches?

This registration form can be used to list a single practice. If you have multiple branches, they must be registered separately.
If you need to register 5 or more branches, we have a bulk registration process – email us for details.
Bulk Registration
Vet Submission Form

Vet Registrations

Enter the full name of your Practice as you would like it shown on your listing in the 'Veterinary Name' box. The 'Registration Email' required below is used for your registration and is not used on your listing.

Please write your full practice address below - excluding the practice name and without abbreviations.

Enter the contact details you would like used on your listing. If you add a telephone number it will be publicly visible. If you add an email address it will be used in a built-in contact form to allow visitors to contact you, and will not be publicly visible. Please enter your website address including http:// or https://

The information requested here is used for search features. Do not enter more than one town, as this will make your listing invisible in searches!

Practice Description

Provide a description of your veterinary practice in the box below. Please don't use text copied from your website as Google will treat it as a duplicate and ignore the page. Ideally, the description should be at least 150-200 words and should include your practice name and where you're located, the facilities and services you offer, your experience, and so on. Put the important information at the start - Google reads the whole page but people often stop reading after just a few lines!

Opening Hours

Optional - Enter details of your opening hours.


When you click the 'Submit' button below you will be taken to PayPal to process your payment. Your registration form is saved and submitted to us after the payment process has been completed. If you exit the process before it completes, your registration details will be lost!