Group Listings

If your veterinary group has a large number of branches, you can save a little time by submitting them in bulk to us. If you do this, we will organise the data (which you still need to provide for each branch) and create the pages for you. If you are interested in this option please advise us by email.

You will be able to send the data and descriptions for each branch in a formatted excel file which we will send you. We add a screenshot of your website to each listing, which we take ourselves, so you don’t need to worry about photos. Branches submitted in this way will be listed under a single username, allowing you to edit them from a single user account.


Bulk submissions for veterinary groups are invoiced at the same price as individual submissions, with a £7.50 annual subscription fee per listing. When you submit your bulk data you will be sent a Paypal invoice which will need to be paid before your listings can be processed and added.

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