Registering a Cattery, Vet or Cat Welfare Group

Registering a boarding cattery, veterinary practice or animal welfare organisation is relatively simple. Before you start, you need a written description of the business / organisation – a minimum of 150 words, ideally 300-500. Once you’re ready, complete the relevant registration form, pay (if applicable) the annual subscription fee and that’s it. Your listing will usually be online within 12-24 hours.

What do you want to register?

Register a Boarding Cattery


To register a cattery, click the button below. You will need a written description of your cattery of between 150-500 which must not be copied from an existing webpage to add to your listing.

Annual Cost: £7.50

Register a Cattery
Register a cat rescue or cat welfare group


Animal welfare groups can register for free. Organisations with multiple branches will need to submit each one individually, and must provide unique descriptions for each branch.

Annual Cost: Free

Cat Rescue Groups
Register a veretinary practice


To register a veterinary practice, click the button below. You will need a written description of your practice of between 150-500 words – not copied from another web page – for your listing.

Annual Cost: £7.50

Register a Vet

Registration Fees

The British Cattery Directory and its sister sites have been managed and operated entirely for free for the past 3 years. Whilst this website is operated on a non-profit basis, it has expenses, both in the form of man-hours spent working on the site and also server and software costs. The subscription fees we charge are intended to help us recover some of these costs. In our opinion this is better than filling the site with the usual advertising garbage that ruins most websites. We hope you understand and agree!