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If you are looking for a charity or voluntary group involved in cat rescue, rehoming homeless cats or general cat welfare in your area, you should find what you're looking for in the listings below. To save time, select your county or region using the dropdown below. The page will then refresh with a list of organisations in your county. You can also search by town, if you wish, and if you are looking for a specific cat welfare group, simply type the name into the name search box.

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Register a Cat Welfare Group

If you manage an animal welfare organisation - one involved with rescuing or rehoming unwanted cats - and would like to add your organisation to our directory, click below to request registration. Although this is a cattery directory, we also receive many enquiries relating to cat rescue, and if you're not registered, visitors won't be able to find you.

Registration is easy, and our new format allows you to add a description of your organisation, details of how people can help you or access your services, in addition to the standard contact details. Your listing page can also include a contact form, allowing visitors to email you - without your email address ever being visible. We also have a sister website, which exists solely to help people involved in pet rehoming, open to any UK organisation involved in rescuing and rehoming pets, cats, dogs and other domestic animals, and you are invited to register your organisation on that site too.

Register a Cat Welfare Group

Registering a cat welfare organisation is easy. For information, click the button below.
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