Essex House Clearance Group

The guys at Essex House Clearances are our kind sponsors. We’ve never tried to make the cattery directory profitable in the hope that it would serve as a useful resource, but we still have bills to pay and so Essex House Clearances help keep us afloat through their voluntary funding. It’s only fair to say we’re also friends with Essex House Clearances.

Essex’s Top Property Clearance Specialists

Essex House Clearances are based in the Braintree region but offer their services across Essex and border areas of Suffolk too. They provide professional house clearance, probate clearance and other general property clearance services, as well as commercial clearance services, meaning they clear offices, shops and other commercial property.

What are house clearance services?

Essentially, what Essex House Clearances do is empty your property of unwanted items, leaving it empty and ready either for sale, letting or occupation. So if you have a residential property that needs emptying, they take away things like unwanted furniture, household items, appliances, garage and shed contents and even personal effects like clothing, leaving the property empty and ready for the next stage in its life. If the property is being emptied prior to returning it to a local authority or housing association, Essex House Clearances will also uplift and remove carpets and curtains if required (most councils require properties to be completely empty when surrendered).

Probate clearances are the same as normal house clearances, but with different circumstances and occur after a family member passes away and the house needs to be emptied so it can be sold or rented out. In some cases customers need a simple contents valuation prior to being able to dispose of the property and in some cases Essex House Clearances may also agree to buy some of the contents to help simplify the process. Similarly, you may need to have a property emptied because an elderly relative needs to go into sheltered housing, if you’ve bought a property at auction that hasn’t already been emptied, or maybe after a rental property has been abandoned by previous occupiers and needs emptying before it can be made available for letting again.

Whatever the reason, Essex House Clearances are specialists in this sort of work and provide a professional and efficient service.

Essex house clearances

One of the things you absolutely don’t want to happen when you find someone to clear a property is to find a representative of the local council or police on your doorstep asking why your property has been dumped in a field, layby or quiet country road. And it happens, a lot. For your peace of mind, you can be assured that  Essex House Clearances areboth insured and fully licenced with by the UK Environmental Agency in accordance with UK legislation.

A locally based owner-operated business, the Essex House Clearance group offer property clearance services across most of Essex and the areas they cover including Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay, Stock, Wickford, Witham, Tiptree, Colchester, Braintree, Halstead, Dunmow and even Sudbury on the Suffolk and Essex borders. If you need a house clearance specialist, the best thing you can do is click here to get in touch with them via their website and ask for a quote.