Directory of local boarding kennels

A little later than we planned, we have now launched our British Kennels Directory, a directory of local boarding kennels across the UK. The site is the third in our group providing services for pet owners, after the Cattery Directory and our pet welfare site ‘Adoptable’.

The kennels directory lists details and descriptions of boarding kennels in much the same format as is currently used here in the cattery directory, along with details of local vets and dog rescue centres. We will also be adding a section for recognised dog breeders later in the year, when we have enough time, and also a news and chat section to include articles on dog heath and welfare, user posts and videos and so on.

British Kennels Directory - Directory of local boarding kennels

If you have a combined cattery and boarding kennels and would like to add your business to the directory simply visit the signup page, which you can find here:

As with all our websites, you won’t find it weighed down by tons of irrelevant or spammy advertising; just useful information which we hope users will find useful. To visit the site for a browse, just click the button below.

Kennels Directory