Abbotts View Farm Cattery, Aylesbury

Abbotts View Farm Cattery | Buckinghamshire | HP Postcodes | HP22 4NF

Abbotts View Farm Cattery

Abbotts View Farm , Moat Lane,, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire, HP22 4NF

Contact : 07989 063595

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Cattery Description

Abbotts View Farm Cattery, Aylesbury. Abbotts View Farm Cattery is a new, eco cattery with just 10 suites, all luxury/family sized to house up to 4 cats from the same family. Our cattery is situated on our Alpaca and Rare Breed Farm, so there is lots to see and each suite has panoramic views of the farm. We live onsite with cctv and electric gates providing 24 hour security.

Each of the large bedrooms has a choice of shelves as well as lots of comfy blankets and beds in hidy holes. The bedrooms have a full height door with a cat flap and also a window, which opens out onto a shelf with a climbing ladder into the play/exercise area. We have full height opaque sneeze barriers between each suite affording your cat privacy and wire safety mesh to the front which opens onto a safety corridor, also surrounded by wire mesh with lift out glazed panels. In the summer these are lifted out so the cats can smell and see the outside whilst staying safe. For the winter, the bedrooms are all individually thermostatically controlled and really cosy. As we are an Eco farm, the insulation in these pens is triple the thickness of standard designs.

We have a completely separate isolation suite and a kitchen with fridge and washing up facilities where we store our feed. We are a family run cattery and with just 10 large suites, we really get to know each and every cat who stays with us and are experts are reading body language so we can tell exactly when they want to interact with us and when they don’t! Their happiness and comfort is our top priority.

Opening Hours

We are open Mon- Saturday 09:30 -10:30 and 16:30 - 17:45 and Sun 09:30-10:00. We are closed for collection and drop off on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's day but your cats can still stay with us during those times.

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