Barnstaple Cattery, Barnstaple

Barnstaple Cattery | Devon | EX Postcodes | EX31 4JQ

Barnstaple Cattery

Barnstaple Cattery

Westaway, Pilton West, Barnstaple
Devon, EX31 4JQ

Contact : 01271 379051

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Cattery Description

Ideally situated only 5 minutes from Barnstaple town centre, Barnstaple Cattery is located in a long private drive, surrounded by fields, providing a peaceful rural environment for your cat. The accommodation offered by Barnstaple Cattery consists of individual heated indoor sleeping units with catflaps leading to the cats’ own covered outside runs. Indoor-only facilities are also available for house cats. Baskets, bedding and scratch posts are all provided, but cat owners are welcome to bring their own if it will help cats feel at ease.

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