Olde Bexley Cattery, Bexley

Olde Bexley Cattery | Greater London | DA Postcodes | DA5 2AY

Olde Bexley Cattery

Olde Bexley Cattery

21 Dartford Road, Bexley
Greater London, DA5 2AY

Contact : 01322 551 316

Website : http://www.oldebexleycattery.co.uk/

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Cattery Description

Established over 20 years ago, and run by a veterinary surgeon, Olde Bexley Cattery an outdoor cattery, based in Bexley, in Kent. The cattery can accommodate 36 cats and is located in a peaceful garden. The accommodation units all have separate indoor sleeping areas with heated cat beds and covered outdoor runs. The chalets themselves are of wooden construction, with solid concrete floors.

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