Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery

Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery, Chelmsford

Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery | Essex | CM Postcodes | CM2 8PH

Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery

Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery

Goat Hall Lane, Chelmsford
Essex, CM2 8PH

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Contact Tel :01245 353847

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Cattery Description

Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery is located in the Essex countryside at Galleywood, on the southern outskirts of Chelmsford. The cattery accommodation consists of spacious modern uPVC units in a secluded and quiet area to the opposite side of the house some distance away from the kennels., and can accomodate up to four cats. There are also smaller penthouse units that accommodate individual cats. Each unit is fully enclosed with a fully heated sleeping area and a covered outside run.

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For more information about Bushmoor Kennels and Cattery, you can visit them in person, visit their website, telephone or send them an email (if available) using the form below.

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