Carefree Cattery, Rochester

Carefree Cattery | Kent | ME Postcodes | ME3 8NE

Carefree Cattery

Carefree Cattery

Lodge Hill Lane, Chattenden, Rochester
Kent, ME3 8NE

Contact : 01634 254701

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Cattery Description

Based in Chattenden, near Rochester, Carefree Cattery is a small cattery run by a cat lover with 6 cats of her own. Each individual cat unit inside the cattery benefits from a spacious nine foot covered outside run, with a large two-level insulated indoor compartment. For comfort, the cats have what are described as state of the art heat pads to keep them happy and warm. For your peace of mind, there is a security corridor running the length of the cattery, designed to cope with any budding escape artists.

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