Cats Cradle Boarding Cattery, Henley-On-Thames

Cats Cradle Boarding Cattery | Oxfordshire | RG Postcodes | RG9 5QB

Cats Cradle Boarding Cattery

Cats Cradle Boarding Cattery

Busgrove Lane, Stoke Row, Henley-On-Thames
Oxfordshire, RG9 5QB

Contact : 01491 680612

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Cattery Description

The Cats Cradle Cattery is set in South Oxfordshire woodlands near Stoke Row, a short drive from Woodcote or Sonning Common. Cats are housed in heated chalets, each with their own covered outside area. The chalets can accommodate one cat or two cats sharing, and larger units for up to 4 cats sharing are also available.9x

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