Keepers Cattery and Kennels, Worsley

Keepers Cattery and Kennels | Greater Manchester | M Postcodes | M28 1JA

Keepers Cattery

Keepers Cattery and Kennels

Keepers Cottage, Vicars Hall Lane, Worsley
Greater Manchester, M28 1JA

Contact : 0161 799 7203

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Cattery Description

Keepers Cattery and Kennels are based in a rural part of Boothstown near Worsley. The cattery is heated all year round to ensure your cat is as comfortable and cosy as possible. The cattery units are split level, have piped music throughout, and a wall for the cats to sit on and a window at the back for them to sunbathe. There are 2 types of units, indoor only and units which are indoor and also have a large outdoor unit.

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