Leafy Oak Farm Cattery, Blackwater

Leafy Oak Farm Cattery | Surrey | GU Postcodes | GU17 9LW

Leafy Oak Farm Cattery

Leafy Oak Farm Cattery

Leafy Oak Farmhouse, Cobbetts Lane, Blackwater
Surrey, GU17 9LW

Contact : 01252 870323

Website : http://www.leafyoakfarmcattery.co.uk/

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Cattery Description

Leafy Oak Farm Cattery is easily reached, situated just outside Camberley, between Yateley and Blackwater. The cattery is modern and purpose-built, with generously sized accommodation attached to private exercise areas where cats can play or relax and look out over the garden area. The cattery accommodation is fully insulated, with a thermostatically controlled heating system. The cattery has 29 double accommodation units, suitable for 1 or 2 cats, plus 3 family units, suitable for up to 4 cats.

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