Little Lever Cattery, Bolton

Little Lever Cattery | Greater Manchester | BL Postcodes | BL3 1AB

Little Lever Cattery

Little Lever Cattery

91 Boscow Road, Little Lever, Bolton
Greater Manchester, BL3 1AB

Contact : 01204 796796

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Cattery Description

Little Lever Cattery is a newly constructed, and purpose built Cat Hotel with your cat’s comfort firmly in mind. We only have eighteen cat chalets, capable of accommodating 3 cats in comfort, 2 cats very generously or a single cat in luxury. Each chalet is double glazed and insulated. Floors are tiled and extensive use of upvc, aluminium and stainless steel, facilitates easy cleaning and disinfection. Little Lever Cattery is exclusively for cats, as we feel that cats and dogs shouldn’t share the same facilities, even if they are kept apart.

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