Longthwaite House Cattery, Wigton

Longthwaite House Cattery | Cumbria | CA Postcodes | CA7 8NR

Longthwaite House Cattery

Longthwaite House Cattery

Longthwaite House, Cuddy Lonning, Wigton
Cumbria, CA7 8NR

Contact : 016973 49951

Alt tel :07726 553779

Website : http://www.longthwaitehouse.co.uk/

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Cattery Description

Longthwaite House Cattery is situated in the gardens of a Georgian country house in the Cumbria countryside, just outside Wigton, offering a peaceful place for your cat to spend its holiday. The cattery is set up to care for your cat’s individual needs, to suit its personality, and any specific dietary or medical concerns. The insulated cattery chalets each have a raised sleeping area with a heat lamp, with a cat flap leading to an outside run overlooking the gardens. Cats can move freely between their sleeping area and individual run. The cattery provides a basket and soft bedding, but also encourage owners to bring something from home with familiar smells to help cats feel more comfortable.

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