Meadows Cattery, Felton

Meadows Cattery | Somerset | BS Postcodes | BS40 9YD

Meadows Cattery

Meadows Cattery

Meadows Cattery, The Meadows, Felton, North Somerset BS40 9YD

Contact Details

Contact Tel :01275 474844

Website :Click to visit Website

Email :Not Available

Cattery Description

The family-run Meadows Cattery is situated in 10 acres of quiet countryside at Felton in North Somerset, just a 5-minute drive from Bristol Airport. The cattery accommodation, built around a listed building, consists of penthouse style chalets, each with individual heaters, vet beds and exercise runs. The cattery offers single chalets, double chalets and also family chalets for families of 3 or more cats.

Other Information

For more information about Meadows Cattery, you can visit them in person, visit their website, telephone or send them an email (if available) using the form below.

Opening Times

Sorry, this cattery has not provided a contact email address

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