Mere Moggies Cattery, Rode Heath

Mere Moggies Cattery | Cheshire | ST Postcodes | ST7 3QX

Mere Moggies Cattery

Lawton Mere Cottage, Rode Heath
Cheshire, ST7 3QX

Contact : 01270 484279

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Cattery Description

Mere Moggies Cattery, Rode Heath. A family run 5* licenced cattery in the Cheshire countryside. Choose from either a standard or a luxury pen for your cat. Our standard pens have an exercise area and a heated sleeping area. Each pen can house 2 cats from the same family with 2 pens that bit bigger to accommodate up to 4 cats. Our luxury pens are bigger than our standard pens and can house up to 4 cats from the same family. They have a heated floor and a window to view the garden birds outside. Bedding, toys, scratching posts, bowls and litter trays are provided. We do have a small selection of wet and dry foods. Any other foods must be provided by the owner. Medications can be administered. All pens are heated to 18°C.

Opening Hours

Monday-Saturday: 9-11am & 4-6pm Sunday: 4-6pm

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