Pet Pals Boarding Cattery, Welling

Pet Pals Boarding Cattery | Greater London | DA Postcodes | DA16 2JS

Pet Pals Boarding Cattery

Pet Pals Boarding Cattery

177 Merlin Road, Welling
Greater London, DA16 2JS

Contact : 020 8304 1933

Website :

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Cattery Description

Convenient for cat owners in South East London, Pet Pals Boarding Cattery is a licensed cattery located in Welling, easily reached from nearby Blackfen. Cattery accommodation consists of 21 pens, each with with their own covered runs. Double-sized pens can accommodate one or two cats, while the family pens are also available, accommodating up to 5 cats. Heat pads are provided during colder periods for added comfort.

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