The Washway Cattery

The Washway Cattery, Holbeach Spalding

The Washway Cattery | Lincolnshire | PE Postcodes | PE12 7PP

The Washway Cattery

16 Washway Road, Holbeach Spalding
Lincolnshire, PE12 7PP

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Contact Tel :01406 821934

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Cattery Description

The Washway Cattery And Small Animal Boarding, Holbeach Spalding. We are a small cattery licensed for 7 cats in the Spalding Lincolnshire area. Because we are a small cattery we can offer lots of individual care and attention. Our cattery is very clean and spacious and is fully covered with bronze polycarbonate roofing which allows plenty of light but reflects any harm full sun rays.

We have 1 single unit and 3 double units but we can also offer accommodation for a family of 3 or 4 cats as we can open up large cat flap in between the dividing walls making it a much larger unit so the cats can go in and out of the units as they please (the cat flap is lockable when not in use). Each unit is a walk in chalet style,fully insulated ,hygienic wash down walls with a vinyl floor so is easy to keep clean and disinfect. Each unit has its own wall panel heater that has it own thermostatic control socket meaning that the temperature can be adjusted by us at any time making sure that your cat/cats are nice and cosy during the winter months.

The Single unit has a viewing shelf ( The double units have 2 shelves one either side with the chair in the middle) All of which have soft bedding,blankets and cushions (owners are welcome to bring some of their own cats bedding if they wish which can help to settle your cat ) there is a chair to which allows your cat to jump up onto the shelf (arrangements can be made for older or disabled cats that could find getting onto the shelf this way difficult you just need to let us know).

The runs have solid plastic hygienic wash down walls on the bottom half and clear acrylic plastic walls on the top both making it as a full height sneeze barrier. The single unit run has a scratch post 3 tiered activity centre and a viewing shelf ( accessed by the activity centre) and vinyl flooring. The double units runs (which are 6 ft x 6 ft ) have a scratch post 3 tiered activity centre ,a chair and a viewing shelf (accessed by the chair) All the units have a full height door and a cat flap to access the runs.

The cattery has a safety corridor with 2 exit doors ,vinyl flooring. For fire safety there is a fire extinguisher (recommended and checked by safety officer) And smoke alarms connected to the mains system to which in case of fire will set off an outside fire warning light and siren.

We have a separate Isolation unit that has the same facilities as the main cattery.

With our cattery unlike some other catteries who will charge you regardless, you have the choice of bringing your own cat food (there are 2 different prices to reflect this)as we feel this is better way because some cats can get very upset tummies due to drastic change of diet.Especially important for cats on special/vet related diets. Please go on our website to see pictures ,prices and terms and conditions of boarding. We also offer small animal boarding please ask.

Other Information

For more information about The Washway Cattery, you can visit them in person, visit their website, telephone or send them an email (if available) using the form below.

  • Family Suites
  • Indoor Runs
  • Insurance Included
  • Medication administered free
  • Quarantine facilities

Monday- Friday: 9.00 am - 12.00 - 14.00 - 17.00 pm
Saturday : 10.00 am - 12.00 - 15.00 - 17.00 pm
Sunday: 10.00 am - 12.00 - Closed PM
We are Closed for drop of and pick ups on the following days:
Christmas day,Boxing day and New Years day.

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